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2011-03-07 21:10

Results of internet research for training English G10.2-Ht

The following links take you directly to the respective sites, where you´ll find good information and interactive training of your English from year 9 to 11. The students of the G10.2 have tested the sites and given ratings between 1 (very good) to 6 (very bad).

No reponsibility is taken for not catching a virus or the like there. Make sure your system is well protected against such attacks.

  1. position of adverb Lucas and Finn J.

  2. position of adverb training:

  3. the definite and the indefinite article Vanessa und Saskia

  4. position of adverbsubordinate clauses, relative clauses Sina und Margarita

  5. if-clauses/conditional sentences Anna and Julia

  6. training of the tenses Jes & Steffen!

  7. infinitves Brian and Daniel

  8. word order J-P & S.O.

  9. vocabulary Fabian and Jan

  10. adverbs David and Hannah

  11. some-any AnnaLena (it looks easy, but its often done wrong)

  12. connectives Roman, Finn M.


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